How can I buy a Prime membership?

If you want to enjoy these premium services from Amazon, then should immediately buy yourself Prime membership through . In this website you must follow the steps to become a member of Amazon Prime. After you have purchased your membership card then you must confirm it and you can use the benefits of your membership. Here's how:

What do I need to know? access Amazon Prime on your Roku?

To enable Amazon Prime on Roku, follow these steps step-by-step:

1. Visit Roku's main screen using your web browser.

2.Choose "Streaming Channels" from the menu left.

3. You can find "Amazon Prime Video" by scrolling down until the lower part of the page.

4. If you spot it, click it.

5. Then, visit the Prime page, and click "Add Channel."

6. You must enter your Roku code code if you are asked.